Avarking is the coming of age ceremony associated with the young men of the Kuluthu Tribe.


It occurs during the twelvth month of the boy's twelveth year. Thirteen Phases before a boy's thirteenth birthday he is blindfolded and left in an unknown (to him) spot in the Zivarzzez Mountain Range. He must use his woodsmen skills, taught to him by his spiritual guide in the tribe, often an uncle or close male relative, to survive, and find his way back to his tribe. If he does so within two weeks (arriving on or the day after his thirteenth birthday) he is accepted into the community as a man. If he should fail, even by a margin of a few hours, he is shunned and must join the Uhtuluk Tribe, to live out his days in shame.


Due to the fact that only 75% of the Kuluthu boys manage to successfully complete the task, and a full 10% of the boys sent out have never returned, some of the Kuluthians feel the practice should be abandoned. They cite the dangers of the Zivarzzez Mountain Range, as well as the fact that the Uhtuluk tribe, despite being shunned, is still traded with regularly. --Madhatter360

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