Gliver'n'bend is a genre of popular music on Dakai, usually featuring ululating vocal patterns, electric-arc backbeats, and most saliently, a snapsophone. Gliver'n'bend is frowned upon by most adult Daks ("it's too darn' tootin' loud!")but has found a place among the younger and rowdier types. Its place in the youth culture, and in youth-led revolts against authority, is unparalleled. Gliver'n'bend's supporters argue that it is leading Dakai towards peace and rehabilitation whereas its "lame" opponents are "dry ol' fuddy-duddies".

The name of this bold new genre is derived from the latinized Adala'ehkt word "glivernanabend", meaning music of the people, with the letter "a" being omitted to bring awareness to the movement's absolute abhorrence of any and all agents of authority. As a corollary, no lyrics of any songs within the genre contain a's, though many of the song titles do.This emerging genre was originally self-named as "Metalochnacy", but this was discarded because the name was confusingly similar to Metapolochnacy .

The following songs are already considered classics of the genre:

  • Sloop, Slobber, and Scroll - Blashmen
  • Meh, Maybe. - Nyeh and Los Nos
  • Let The Courting Commence - Blashmen
  • Texas Hold 'Em Face - ???
  • Luis Luis - Blashmen ft. Urktoo Quiggs

(Note: Luis Luis is likely not a classic of the genre, but it really makes my craahfe bushes grow like crazy so I thought I'd include here...)

Unlike most of Dakai's music, which is distributed over state-sanctioned radio channels, gliver'n'bend is distributed through subversive aural transfer-networks (SATs). If you stop in at any shady-looking, smoky, back-alley, tough-guy craahfe bar, chances are you'll be treated to some gliver'n'bend music.

Note from the author: This entry was composed and recorded in one such shady-looking, smoky, back-alley, tough-guy craahfe bar—the loud gliver'n'bend music, the raucous people these places attract, and the intoxicating craahfe wine fumes (I swear I haven't a sip!) are accountable for the short and shoddy nature of this entry. It doesn't help that the bartender is giving me the hairy sensor prong either!

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--Commissar Ben 02:02, October 17, 2010 (UTC)